Clinton Land Conservation Trust + Madison Land Conservation Trust

On Tour Highlight

On May 4, 2024, the Clinton Land Conservation Trust and the Madison Land Conservation Trust will be hosting their Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour event at the Clinton Town Hall in  Clinton, Connecticut. The festival is a joint fundraising event to support the Madison and Clinton Land Trusts’ efforts to preserve open space and natural resources in our communities. 

The festival will feature a curated selection of award-winning films about nature, community activism, adventure, conservation, water, energy and climate change, wildlife, environmental justice, agriculture, Native American and indigenous cultures, and more. 

The event begins with an opening reception showcasing the Clinton and Madison Land Trusts, local sponsors and national partners wand featuring snacks, beer and wine.  

Bill Lucey, Soundkeeper at Save the Sound, will be the emcee. 


Since its incorporation more than 50 years ago, the Clinton Land Conservation Trust (CLCT) has acquired nearly 880 acres of woodland, wetland, and tidal marsh for permanent conservation. With projects ranging from the reintroduction of osprey in the early 1970’s, to protecting and restoring the marshes of the lower Indian River, and supporting environmental programs for young people, CLCT has been actively involved in the protection of the natural environment in Clinton. Their mission is to conserve forever Clinton’s natural resources, ensuring scenic vistas, clean water, habitats, and wild places thrive.   

The Clinton Land Conservation Trust seeks to connect the citizens of Clinton to come together to protect the environment and all living things on earth—to value life itself. 


The mission of the Madison Land Conservation Trust is to conserve the natural resources of the Town of Madison, including woodlands, water resources, animal and plant habitats, and unique historic places, for the benefit, enjoyment, and education of present and future generations. They believe that the quality of life in Madison is closely linked to their natural environment and the rich legacy of their rural past. As their town’s population swells, the modern lifestyle puts pressure on their dwindling land resources. Open spaces need looking after. The Madison Land Conservation Trust is committed to that task. Their role concerns the big picture—the preservation of their town character. But beyond community aesthetics, the Land Trust works to ensure that critical ecosystems that are life support systems for so many plant and animal species are protected. Without the Land Trust, critical acreage easily taken for granted might never be identified and protected. 


A land trust provides lots of great health, economic and environmental benefits for members of the nearby community.  Its open green space increases opportunities for exercise and healthy social interactions, fosters overall well-being and mental health, and provides a natural classroom for children. It protects natural habitats for wildlife and provides natural buffers around streams and drinking water supplies.  It also reduces flood potential, enhances air quality, supports local businesses, and preserves the scenic quality of their towns.