Cascade Forest Conservancy

On Tour Highlight

On June 20, 2024, Cascade Forest Conservancy will be presenting the best of the Wild and Scenic Film Fest On Tour Event at the historic Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, WA. Cascade Forest Conservancy’s presentation of the Best of Fest on June 20th will be a fun, community oriented, family friendly night to celebrate adventure and activism that they hope will leave audiences feeling inspired, informed, and entertained. 



Cascade Forest Conservancy protects and sustains the forests, streams, wildlife, and communities in the heart of the cascades through conservation, education, and advocacy. The organization was originally formed by a group of volunteer forest activists. They aimed to protect the southern Washington Cascades in an era of unsustainable logging practices. Less than a year after forming, the Task Force presented a citizens’ alternative to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest’s Forest Management Plan that prioritized protection and sustainability.  

Over the next decade, several major campaigns were launched to protect roadless areas and surviving ancient forests from timber harvests and Cascade Forest Conservancy joined partner organizations to successfully halt a series of hydropower projects. They continued to win important legal victories and achieve conservation successes through advocacy campaigns. At the same time, the organization was taking on new roles helping guide on-the-ground restoration efforts, resulting in the removal of miles of forest roads, habitat restoration projects, and wildlife reintroduction efforts. 

Cascade Forest Conservancy continues to fight to protect the heart of the Cascades, to restore habitat through on-the-ground conservation initiatives, and to inspire students and volunteers.  


Cascade Forest Conservancy campaigns and advocates for laws, policies, and projects that maintain the health and biodiversity of habitats throughout southwest Washington’s Cascades.   They are a founding member of two forest collaboratives. These groups bring together representatives from the US Forest Service, timber companies, Indigenous communities, recreation organizations, and local business owners to guiding decisions affecting the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. By discussing proposed projects early in the planning stages, they are often able to positively influence actions impacting the region without costly legal actions. 

Through their partnerships with scientists, researchers, agencies, Tribes, and restoration professionals, they help design, study, and facilitate innovative cost-effective projects that are improving and restoring habitats across Washington’s southern Cascades.    

Public involvement and grassroots environmental action are still central to who they are and what they do. 

Cascade Forest Conservancy provides volunteer opportunities that offer unique chances to learn and make a lasting impact for the environment.  

Their 12,000+ members and supporters are their greatest asset in their continuing efforts to protect and sustain the places they care for and steward. 


Bryn Gray Harding, Cascade Forest Conservancy’s Communications Manager, reports that, “Cascade Forest Conservancy works to protect and defend forests, rivers, wildlife and communities in the southern Washington Cascades through advocacy, activism, on-the-ground restoration, and education. Our ability to safeguard mature and old-growth forests, fight efforts to mine on the doorstep of Mount St. Helens, restore salmon habitat, and make our region resilient to the impacts of climate change all depend on the support and generosity of people who care about what happens to our region. Hosting the Wild and Scenic on Tour will help Cascade Forest Conservancy by helping fund our on-going conservation and restoration work and by introducing our organization to new members of our community who are interested in conservation, activism, and preserving our wild spaces.” 

When asked what the best thing about hosting a Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour Event, Bryn went on to say, “We love the chance to bring our community together around inspiring stories and beautifully made films in a historic, community theatre.”