I really want to see a certain film. How do I make sure I get a spot?

While most film sessions are not restricted by capacity or viewing location, some filmmakers do require this. If you are set on viewing a session.. Read More

How long do I have to watch a film session?

Most sessions are available to view for a 48 hour period once you press play.

When will I be able to watch the films?

Most film sessions are on-demand, meaning you can watch them at your leisure without any restrictions on time and date (as long as it takes.. Read More

Types of Virtual Passes and Tickets

HYBRID TICKETS Watershed Pass $350 – Show your support for SYRCL, Wild & Scenic, and the entire watershed with this all access pass guaranteed to.. Read More

Virtual Passes vs Single Tickets

You can only attend this year’s virtual Wild & Scenic Film Festival using a pass

How to Purchase a Virtual Pass

Navigate to the Virtual Fest at WSFF.EVENTIVE.ORG Click on the green “Buy Passes” button This will present you with the Festival Pass Options for the.. Read More

How to Use a Virtual Pass

Once you have purchased your pass, Click on the Virtual Catalog button on the welcome page to Explore the Virtual Catalog* A virtual pass allows.. Read More

How can I tell which sessions I have tickets for?

Visit the My Tickets page by clicking on the My Tickets icon in the upper right corner. Alternatively, you can click on the Menu in.. Read More

How do I know how many tickets I’ve used of my pass or pack?

Visit the My Passes page by clicking on the My Passes icon in the upper right corner. Alternatively you can click on the Menu in.. Read More

Can I give a pass or ticket as a gift?

Our system makes this pretty simple. For passes head on over to and select the pass or pack you’d like to gift. Click on.. Read More