How to Use a Virtual Pass

  1. Once you have purchased your pass, Click on the Virtual Catalog button on the welcome page to Explore the Virtual Catalog*
  2. A virtual pass allows for access to all virtual sessions
  3. Once on the Virtual Catalog page you can explore all of the film festival sessions.
  4. Click on the film session you would like to watch
  5. When you enter the screening room you will see a purple “unlock” or “Pre-order now for free” button in the center of the video screen – click on it
  6.  This will give you the option to choose which of your passes to use, then will open the Checkout window
  7. Choose if you will make an additional donation to SYRCL and WSFF
  8. Choose if you would like to be added to our mailing list
  9. Click on the purple Pre-Order now button
  10. That’s it – you’ve got your session ordered! Below where it says “pre-ordered successfully” you will see when the session becomes available for viewing.
  11. Return to view the screening during the availability window.
  12. To see the film sessions you have reserved, click on the My Tickets button in the upper right corner
  13. To see how many single session tickets you have used out of your total allocated, visit the My Passes page and look at the number of uses listed next to the pass

*Virtual Catalog has been released for you to explore the various sessions, though films will not be available to begin viewing until the dates of the festival, February 15-25, 2024