Q: What is a Wild & Scenic On Tour event?

A: Wild & Scenic On Tour events are film screenings (single or multi-day) meant to increase the groundswell for the environmental movement.  Each January, we host.. Read More

Q: Who hosts these events?

A: Wild & Scenic On Tour partners with environmental groups, nature centers, museums, nonprofits, outdoor retailers, conscious businesses, schools and colleges, you name it! We do.. Read More

Q: Where and when are we able to host an On Tour event?

A: Because we do not travel to each venue, you are able to choose a date and a city that works for you. The only.. Read More

Q: What is each hosting organization expected to provide?

A: Projection equipment A venue with an adequate sound system and a screen Technical staff to run projector and Blu-ray player (can be a volunteer!).. Read More

Q: Why should we host an On Tour event?

A: Good for your group, good for the environment! Draw attention to your organization and get people excited about the work you are doing while.. Read More

Q: How do we sign up?

A: First, set up a time to discuss your event goals with someone from our On Tour team. Once you have a firm grasp on.. Read More