Subject: Jamshid Khajavi

Jamshid Khajavi was born in Iran and immigrated to the US in his early twenties. He worked with deaf children for 17 years before becoming a counselor at an elementary school in Seattle. His journey is depicted in the 2024 official selection, ULTIMATE CITIZENS. As a public school counselor for nearly 40 years, Jamshid Khajavi uses the outdoors, play, and the sport of Ultimate Frisbee to help kids find healing and belonging. Born in Tehran, Iran, Jamshid immigrated to the U.S. in 1977 where he received an MBA. After six long months working in an accounting firm, Jamshid quit to pursue a doctorate in education – eventually leading him to become a school counselor working with deaf children in San Diego. Jamshid moved to Seattle Public Schools in 1994 where he is especially well-known for his work with immigrants and refugees. Jamshid is an ultra-endurance athlete who’s run 57 official 100-mile races, swum the Strait of Gibraltar and around Manhattan Island numerous times, and is a three-time grand slam winner of ultra-running. Recently retired from counseling, Jamshid continues to cultivate community through racing, and playing pickle ball every day.