Support Local Businesses Impacted by Recent Power Outages


With wildfire season upon us here in the Sierra, most of us living in Western Nevada County have become accustomed to a new reality of living in a climate change-impacted California. A new twist to this year’s fire season has included widespread public safety power outages. Our festival staff worked as best we could without reliable power and internet for days at time, and we thank all of our partners, sponsors, and On Tour Hosts for your patience during this time!

Local businesses also worked through the outages in the most flexible and resilient way, offering space to work, as much light as possible, and wifi when available to our teams and the public alike.

As a special thank you to local businesses, Wild & Scenic Film Festival invites our community members to visit a local restaurant, brewery, winery, bar, specialty shop, movie theater, or market and support local businesses that have been impacted by the recent power outages. Let’s Go Out Tonight is a weekly celebration of the independent local businesses that contribute to our local quality of life.

What: Let’s Go Out Tonight!
When: Every Wednesday in November & December
Where: Western Nevada County

These local businesses not only feed and provide goods, services, and entertainment for the community, they also employ thousands of our neighbors, friends, and family. Here is our chance to show our support! Stop in for a drink, meal, movie or ice cream cone…every little bit helps!

Thank you to all local business owners and community leaders for showing so much resilience, and ongoing support of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Here’s our 2019 Festival Eateries Guide for those who want a run-down of where to go and who to support. Thank you!