Who Rules the Earth?

Paul Steinberg, animated by 11 students at CalArts | 2014 | 10 min.

2014 Official Selection

Who Rules the Earth? uses animation to bring to life the most important idea to emerge from the social sciences over the past century: how social rules shape our planet and our lives. Combining science, beauty, and activism within a compelling narrative, Who Rules the Earth? brings the audience on a discovery adventure quite unlike any other. Written by Paul Steinberg, a professor of environmental politics at the Claremont Colleges and award-winning author, the film was animated by ten students from the California Institute of the Arts, each of whom offers a unique visual interpretation of this political coming-of-age story. Who Rules the Earth? is part of The Social Rules Project, a multi-media initiative involving over 100 students from six colleges in the Los Angeles area in an effort to inform and inspire.