Overture for Animal Place

Mark Vance, Mark Triolo, Dick Mentzer, Larry Huntington, Ken Schumacher production | 2016 | 8 min.

2018 Official Selection

Education Coordinator for Music in the MountainsMusic in the Mountains’ Young Composer Project collaborated with Animal Place, a 600 acre sanctuary for factory farmed animals in Grass Valley, CA, to bring you Overture for Animal Place. Students explored the harsh realities of factory animal farming and AP’s belief that “all creatures are important, human and non-human animal life”.

Students became profoundly aware of where their food comes from, the importance of a permanent sanctuary, pertinent education, and legislation. Students then wrote music inspired by these powerful experiences. This new music was performed by professional musicians as part of Music in the Mountains’ Summerfest.

More info: www.musicinthemountains.org   |   www.animalplace.org