Q: Will I be expected to provide entertainment, meals, and/or rides for my guest?

A: You are not expected to provide meals, rides, or entertain your guests during their stay. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and all you need to.. Read More

Q: What perks do I receive for hosting a filmmaker or special guest?

A: You will receive information regarding perks once we have placed all of our filmmakers in late January to early February. Perks range from single.. Read More

Q: I live over 20 minutes outside of Nevada City and Grass Valley, can I still apply to host?

A: We would prefer to keep filmmakers and guests closer to the action, but we are open to considering all lodging host applications as we.. Read More

Q: When do we find out who is staying with us?

A: We will create initial matches and send introductions via email by late January/early February. This email will include the name of your guest, their.. Read More

Q: If I complete the survey, does that guarantee that I will have a guest placed in my home?

A: We are so appreciative of each housing offering we receive but are not able to guarantee that each one will result in a placement... Read More

Q: How are guests matched with hosts?

A: Matching guests with hosts is a hands-on process; there is no algorithm for it! Completing the Lodging Host Information Survey is step one so we.. Read More