Q: How do I find out more about getting my film into the On Tour program?

A: The Wild & Scenic Film Festival, held each winter in Nevada City, California is a kick-off for Wild & Scenic On Tour which travels.. Read More

Q: When and where is my film screening?

A: The program and interactive schedule will be available on our website by mid-January.

Q: If I want to attend the festival, how many complimentary tickets do I receive and is there a possibility to purchase additional tickets at a discount?

A: Each film is entitled to the following: Two complimentary tickets to your film’s in-person screening. Two complimentary filmmaker badges for use at the in-person.. Read More

Q: What sort of awesome events do you have planned for attending filmmakers?

A: Not only will you have access to our Filmmakers’ Lounge all weekend long (which will provide you with free WiFi, food, beverages, and a swell.. Read More

Q: If I requested complimentary lodging in the home of a local resident, when will I find out about my accommodations?

A: You will be notified of your homestay arrangements in January. The deadline for complimentary accommodation in the home of a local host is December.. Read More

Q: I’m flying! How can I get from the airport to Nevada City without spending a fortune?

A: There are lots of car rental places at the Sacramento airport, and Super Shuttle offers shuttle service to Nevada City.  It’s not the most.. Read More

Q: Am I able to speak in conjunction with my film screening?

A: Of course! Typically, we allot about 5 minutes for filmmakers to speak after their films screen. Please check in with your emcee no later.. Read More

Q: Can I table somewhere with more materials relevant to my film?

A: Please! At each venue there will be a table available for filmmakers to set up materials before and after sessions. Again, please keep in.. Read More

Q: When do we find out if our film has won an award?

A: The awards ceremony will occur at the Filmmakers’ Party on Saturday, February 17, starting at 9:30 pm. More information will be sent to you.. Read More