How to Purchase Single Session Tickets

  1. Navigate to the Virtual Fest at WSFF.EVENTIVE.ORG
  2. Click on the green “Buy Passes” button
  3. This will present you with the Festival Pass Options for the virtual festival
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on Single Tickets
  5. Click on the link to Explore the Virtual Catalog
  6. Here you can explore all of the film festival sessions.
  7. Click on the film session you would like to purchase a ticket to
  8. When you enter the screening room you will see a purple “unlock” button in the center of the video screen – click on it
  9.  This will open the Checkout window
  10. To continue, enter your email address and click the blue Continue button
  11. Enter your name and password then click Create an Eventive Account
  12. Enter your payment information and click on the Add Payment method button – and that’s it – you’ve got your tickets!
  13. To see the tickets you have to click on the Menu in the upper left corner and select My Tickets